Decluttering your home

Giveaway, throwaway, keep or Sell…..Let’s get started!

Fact finding conversation on the phone
Free face to face consultation in your home to establish trusting rapport and draw up an action plan
Agree start date and time frame which can be immediately or at a future date
Half day package (3.5 hours) Full day package (6.5 hours inclusive of a half hour break)

All sessions are carried out together and you choose what to keep or let go of.
A basic clean of the area we are tackling (thorough clean or decorating can be organised at a later date).
Room, cupboard, loft or shed, we always go at your pace.
Boxes and bags provided throughout the session to separate items to Giveaway, Throwaway, Keep or Sell.

You decide where you would like your stuff to go and  I am happy to advise on local charities or ways to sell your things. If you have bulky items that need removing I can help you organise this too.

If you think that your clutter has become more of a hoarding issue, you may wish to find out a bit more before you seek help. Below are some links you may find helpful.

Clearer Space provides professional hands-on organising and decluttering services across Cumbria and Lancashire.